Photo Fundraiser- Peru: A bird’s eye view

Dear students and friends of El Arte Sano Urubamba,
After a break to organise the future of our association, we are back with the first activity this year: a photo sale fundraiser kindly donated by the photographer Christian Quispe (His Facebook page: Luz Natural). Christian has given us 32 incredible photos to choose from, and the collaboration for a 20 by 30 cm print is 35 soles.

What is the fundraiser for?
After suspending the language courses and cultural activities at El Arte Sano in Urubamba in December 2017 we are left with an outstanding debt that needs to be paid in order to be able to continue with future plans.
How do I order a photo?
Check out the catalogue here to choose the photo(s) that captivate you most: Click for catalogue. Place your order by sending a message to us via Facebook or emailing us at .
When will I get my photo?
Lima: By the 16th or 30th of June in Lima.
Urubamba: By the 30th of June in Urubamba.
(If you are in the Netherlands or the UK Elise will take you your photo(s) in August! 🙂 )

Enjoy your beautiful photo and thank you for your collaboration!