El Arte Sano

Established in 2008, EL ARTE SANO URUBAMBA is an educational organisation with an intercultural focus, dedicated to providing language courses and organising arts, cultural and social activities, driving development in the community of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Our aim for EL ARTE SANO URUBAMBA is to continue growing as a place where cultures meet, being self-sustaining, accessible, open, lively, dynamic and participatory: a hub for encounters, where educational, arts and cultural activities take place at a low cost or free, open to all those people interested.

Our values: Solidarity, love, peace, sustainability, empowerment, respect, personal and collective growth, equality, inclusion, tolerance, non-discrimination and participation, and we aim to promote these in our community, since we believe that they are the pillars of the quality of life for human beings.