English Courses

We’ve been teaching English for tourism industry professionals since 2008, when the founder Elise, started the first courses on her own in a classroom rented at a primary school. We continually work on improving our teaching method and teacher training, and are proud to say that we are all giving our best to the students.

From the first day our courses were approved by the local branch of the Ministry of Education of Urubamba (UGEL), and we have an official permit to carry out the courses (permit # 0486). This means that the certificate that the students obtain after passing the final exam of each 6-month course is a very important tool for students to use when they apply for a job or further education.

The teaching team consists of foreigners who are all completely fluent English speakers and who also speak some Spanish.

Not sure what level to enter? Don’t worry, come to the school for a quick evaluation and we’ll place you in a group for a test class before you enroll.

Hiring our teachers for your local hospitality business

We’ve also been teaching English to the employees of many local hotels since 2008, at the hotel premises. Ensuring the employees speak good English increases the professionalism of the business, and will always have a positive impact on customers’ feedback and future sales.